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Defines the params used to search metadata. With this criteria, you can sort and filter metadata queries using rest.




Optional metadataType

metadataType: Account | Mosaic | Namespace

The metadata type. (optional)

Optional offset

offset: string

Entry id at which to start pagination. If the ordering parameter is set to -id, the elements returned precede the identifier. Otherwise, newer elements with respect to the id are returned. (optional)

Optional order

order: Asc | Desc

Sort responses in ascending or descending order based on the collection property set on the param ''order''. If the request does not specify ''order'', REST returns the collection ordered by id. (optional)

Optional pageNumber

pageNumber: number

Filter by page number. (optional)

Optional pageSize

pageSize: number

Number of entities to return for each request. (optional)

Optional scopedMetadataKey

scopedMetadataKey: string

The scoped metadata key. (optional)

Optional sourceAddress

sourceAddress: Address

The source address. (optional)

Optional targetAddress

targetAddress: Address

The target address. (optional)

Optional targetId

targetId: MosaicId | NamespaceId

The target Mosaic or NamespaceId. (optional)

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