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Optional epochAdjustment

epochAdjustment: number

The nemesis block creation epoch

Optional fetchApi

fetchApi: any

optional fetch function to be used when performing rest requests. The default value is:

  1. window.fetch if running on a browser
  2. or node-fetch if running on server (window.fetch not found)

Optional generationHash

generationHash: string

optional node generation hash if you don't want to load it from the server.

Optional networkCurrencies

networkCurrencies: NetworkCurrencies

The preconfigured symbol network currencies for offline access. They are loaded from server by default if not provided.

Optional networkType

optional network type if you don't want to load it from the server.

Optional nodePublicKey

nodePublicKey: string

The node public key used for NodeKeyLink transaction in delegated harvesting.

Optional websocketInjected

websocketInjected: any

optional injected websocket instance when using listeners in client.

Optional websocketUrl

websocketUrl: string

optional websocket url. If not provided, Default: Rest-Gateway url with ''/ws'' suffix (e.g. http://localhost:3000/ws).

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