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  • new NamespaceNetworkProperties(maxNameSize?: string, maxChildNamespaces?: string, maxNamespaceDepth?: string, minNamespaceDuration?: string, maxNamespaceDuration?: string, namespaceGracePeriodDuration?: string, reservedRootNamespaceNames?: string, namespaceRentalFeeSinkAddress?: string, rootNamespaceRentalFeePerBlock?: string, childNamespaceRentalFee?: string): NamespaceNetworkProperties
  • Parameters

    • Optional maxNameSize: string

      Maximum namespace name size.

    • Optional maxChildNamespaces: string

      Maximum number of children for a root namespace.

    • Optional maxNamespaceDepth: string

      Maximum namespace depth.

    • Optional minNamespaceDuration: string

      Minimum namespace duration.

    • Optional maxNamespaceDuration: string

      Maximum namespace duration.

    • Optional namespaceGracePeriodDuration: string

      Grace period during which time only the previous owner can renew an expired namespace.

    • Optional reservedRootNamespaceNames: string

      Reserved root namespaces that cannot be claimed.

    • Optional namespaceRentalFeeSinkAddress: string

      Public key of the namespace rental fee sink address.

    • Optional rootNamespaceRentalFeePerBlock: string

      Root namespace rental fee per block.

    • Optional childNamespaceRentalFee: string

      Child namespace rental fee.

    Returns NamespaceNetworkProperties


Optional Readonly childNamespaceRentalFee

childNamespaceRentalFee: string

Optional Readonly maxChildNamespaces

maxChildNamespaces: string

Optional Readonly maxNameSize

maxNameSize: string

Optional Readonly maxNamespaceDepth

maxNamespaceDepth: string

Optional Readonly maxNamespaceDuration

maxNamespaceDuration: string

Optional Readonly minNamespaceDuration

minNamespaceDuration: string

Optional Readonly namespaceGracePeriodDuration

namespaceGracePeriodDuration: string

Optional Readonly namespaceRentalFeeSinkAddress

namespaceRentalFeeSinkAddress: string

Optional Readonly reservedRootNamespaceNames

reservedRootNamespaceNames: string

Optional Readonly rootNamespaceRentalFeePerBlock

rootNamespaceRentalFeePerBlock: string

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